Adding "about page" to

goal - add "about page" is not supported

I wanted to add a page describing this website and a page to showcase my current project. Ghost a similiar blogger engine to - can have static pages that have there own static urls. But as of this wrighting you can’t easily add page. There planning on adding this feature but it is still a open status that will hopefullly be added by version 0.9 of

solution 1

To get around this what you can do is host a completely separate HTML page and edit your theme to link to this separate page.

This Solution is extremely flexible but is kind of janky solution so i opted for solution 2

solution 2

Solution 2 is to create a blog post and link it to your main page. This in my options is the most future proof way of adding in a about page. Static pages are soon to arrive to and when they do they will rely on hidden post with custom templates. So having your about page in asciiDoc and not a static html page will allow you to easily transition when static pages are added.

  1. First step is to create a blog and give it a early publish date.

          :published_at: 2015-01-31

This forces it to be at the bottom of your blogs feed.

  1. Then take the url of your newly created post and add that to nav bar. Your find your theme inside of"yourTheme"/partials. I’m using the uno theme and my changed file was inside side-panel.hbs. Inside i added the bellow link. The {{@blog.url}} is the url of the base of your website "the', and the rest is the address location of your post.

    <a href="{{@blog.url}}/2015/01/31/About-Page.html"> about </a>

To reproduce my changes here’s a link to what i changed in my github page.

Figure 1. added about page